Plants & Trees


There are incredible plants and trees on display in Desflora’s showroom.

Our special selection includes many leaf types in assorted colours, sizes and shapes.

We manufacture trees with real wood branches from 40cm to 220cm tall.

Yucca trees 3 to 15 heads, ficus trees green or variegated leaves, camellia trees with or without flowers.

Plants with artificial stems vary from dieffenbachia, elephant ear, split leaf, draceana, croton, assorted palms, bamboo, Brazilian yucca, varieties of grass plants and many others.

Plants with flowers include bird of paradise, canna lily, azaleas, cyclamen and spathiphyllum to name a few.

Hanging bushes in baskets either leafy or with flowers include spider plant, Boston fern, geranium, ivy, wisteria along with other plants.

See our Catalogue for a larger range and more detail.

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